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Gas/Oil Burner Heat Treatment Services

PT. Daya Panasindo Teknik Indonesia has a range of high velocity burners to use gas or fuel oil for the purpose of providing in situ heat treatments on large fabrications such as caustic or sulphuric liquid storage tanks, reactor vessels, LPG spheres, etc. Many spheres have been heat treated in this manner which entails turning the sphere into an internal furnace and externally insulating with mineral wool.

Dry –Out or Curing Service
The Company has extensive experience in the field of refractory dry-out and in the controlled heating and ventilation for the drying of specialised linings. Our expertise in this field ensures maximum flexibility and minimum downtime. Our engineers are able to provide a flexible service to meet the most demanding of specification. Moisture is removed by strictly controlling heating rates to avoid damage to lining materials.

Typical applications for this procedure includes:
  • Refractory Lined Reactors
  • Blast furnace refractory
  • Coal gasification plant refractory
  • Refinery cracker unit refractory
  • Aluminium holding furnace refractory
  • Cement kiln pre-heaters and coolers
  • Incinerator refractory
  • Drying/curing of phenolic and catalysed epoxy linings.

Temporary Furnace Heat Treatment
PT. Daya Panasindo Teknik Indonesia has developed the use of transportable, lightweight, low thermal mass temporary furnace installations for the post weld heat treatment of large pressure vessels and fabrication. These furnaces are designed to be erected at site and are a fast, convenient and effective alternative to permanent furnaces and the high cost of transporting components to fixed installation.

Thermal Stress Analysis
For complex structures and to ensure structural integrity PT. Daya Panasindo Teknik Indonesia can undertake temperature gradient and thermal stress analysis using the latest computer generated Finite Element Analysis techniques.

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Gas/Oil Burner Heat Treatment